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Pokimane explains why she wouldn’t “make it” on Twitch if she grew up in Morocco

Pokimane has risen in the Twitch ranks over the years to become one of the most popular streamers on the platform and the internet itself – but things could have been a lot different for her.

Anys’ career skyrocketed through her love of gaming, growing a massive audience with millions of fans across multiple platforms including YouTube, Twitter and more recently, Theads.

However, according to the Moroccan-Canadian, if she didn’t grow up in North America, she likely wouldn’t have been the famous streamer we know her as today.

Pokimane blasts claim that anyone can “make it”

During a July 18 Twitch broadcast, Pokimane took issue with how some streamers say if you work hard enough you can make it from nothing, explaining how it all depends on where a person’s from.

“It really f***king depends where you are and even the resources available in your country,” she said. “If I had grown up in Morocco, I would never be the streamer that I am.”

According to Poki, even if she still had an interest in video games and the same personality, she just wouldn’t have become the big Twitch icon she is today.

“That’s why I feel like it’s unfair when people say sh*t like that, like let’s be real,” she continued.

It’s certainly hard to envision a world where Pokimane isn’t streaming on Twitch or as much of a household name as she is now, but luckily, her parents decided to move to Canada.

It worked out well for them too, as she’s grown into such a content behemoth she managed to pay for her parents’ retirement fund at the age of 27.

Source: Dexerto