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Egypt Denies Imposing $1,000 Fee on Tourists


CAIRO: The Egyptian Cabinet has denied imposing a fee of $1,000 on tourists arriving in the country.

Rumors spread on some websites and social media sites about a decision to charge tourists arriving in the country from a number of destinations.

But ministers have dismissed the rumors, stressing that no such decision has been made.

They said that the only fees payable were for entry visas required from a number of countries.

The government has called upon citizens not to be misled by news spread by some media outlets and to obtain their information from its official sources.

The $1,000 fees are in regard to measures to legalize and reconcile the conditions for foreigners illegally residing in Egypt.

“Illegal” residents have been granted a three-month period to legitimize their stay, in line with new conditions and regulations.

The presence of an Egyptian host and the payment of fees of $1,000 are among these conditions.

Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly has issued a decree stating that foreigners residing in the country illegally must legalize their stay by adhering to the new regulations.

This should be in accordance with the rules, procedures, and controls determined by the Ministry of Interior.

The ministry in May decided to allow foreigners to be licensed for temporary residence.

Measures included granting five-year renewable residency to foreigners who owned one or more homes in Egypt worth a minimum of $200,000, or a three-year renewable residency to those who owned real estate worth $100,000.

Source : Arab News