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Algeria: Serenity Seekers Are Drawn to Djanet’s Desert Charm

Experience desert awe and wonder just two hours from Algiers.

An otherworldly oasis in the Sahara desert is gaining in popularity with European tourists.

The city of Djanet in southeast Algeria is a gateway to the lunar-like landscapes of the Sahara.

The oasis is surrounded by dunes and sandstone plateaus. 

It is also home to some of the world’s most impressive prehistoric rock carvings.

“Once you come to Djanet, you have to return… I’m here with two friends, and all they want is to come back as soon as possible,” French tourist Karim Benacine, said during a visit.

Do you need a visa to visit Algeria?

It became easier to visit Djanet when Algeria introduced visas on arrival in 2021.

This reduces the paperwork that tourists need to do before a trip as their passport is stamped with a visa at airport immigration.

Add in direct flights from Paris and visitor numbers to Djanet doubled last year compared to 2021.

What is there to do near Djanet?

Beyond Djanet’s charm, visitors are also drawn to the nearby Tassili n’Ajjer National Park, Africa’s most significant, renowned for its orange and black ‘rock forests’ and stunning sunset views.

The park houses more than 15,000 examples of prehistoric cave art, documenting climatic changes, animal migrations, and human evolution from 6,000 BC to the present era.

Designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, a World Natural Heritage Site, and a biosphere reserve, Tassili’s significance is acknowledged on a global scale. Algerians, too, treasure this national gem, with 17,000 local visitors last year.

Source : Euro News