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Morocco’s Ranks Among Countries with Lowest Carbon Footprint

Morocco ranked 10th on a list of countries with the lowest carbon footprints in the aviation sector, according to a new study from Utility Bidder

Based on data from the World Bank and AirPort tracker, the study shows that the average footprint per passenger per kilometer in Morocco is 83g. 

Morocco’s low carbon footprint per traveler is especially impressive given the country’s profile as a tourism hotspot.

Topping the list is Puerto Rico, with 73g per passenger per kilometer. The report maintains that while the South American country saw a huge increase in tourism over the last year, it hasn’t stopped them from doing their bit for the environment. 

Next on the list is Greece, with 78g per passenger per kilometer. As a summer hotspot for tourists, this country is equipped with numerous international airports and this has sparked a series of sustainability initiatives. Athens International Airport became the first carbon-neutral airport in the country, and this has no doubt contributed to its second-place ranking on our list.

Hungary is third on the list with 79g per passenger per kilometer, followed by Vietnam with 80g per passenger per kilometer, Netherlands, Romania and Bulgaria with 81g per passenger per kilometer, and Portugal and Ethiopia with 82g per passenger per kilometer.

Countries with the highest carbon footprint

The study shows that Luxembourg has the highest footprint per traveler, with a significant 104g of carbon emissions per passenger per kilometer. However, the country’s sole international airport has ambitious plans to achieve net-zero status by 2050.

The US Virgin Islands come in second, emitting 103g per passenger per km, while Albania follows closely in third place with 101g, blending tourism charm with an urgent need for carbon reduction.

Source: MWN