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Lahcen Haddad: Some in France Are Annoyed by Morocco’s Gains

Rabat – President of the Moroccan-European Union (EU) joint parliamentary committee Lahcen Haddad said some in France are “annoyed” at Morocco’s diplomatic and security gains, accusing them of being behind the recent European Parliament (EP) resolution against the country.

Speaking at the MAP Forum organized by Morocco’s Press Agency, Haddad considered the EP resolution a blatant interference in Morocco’s judicial affairs, and said the decision “denotes a renewed neo-colonial desire that despises the countries of the South and their ability to defend human rights.”

The European Parliament passed a resolution earlier this month condemning Morocco’s freedom of speech, citing the case of journalist Omar Radi who was accused of rape by a female colleague.

The speaker criticized that the actors who approved the resolution did not take into account the victim’s story, noting that she is also a journalist.

Despite this, Haddad confirmed that Morocco will continue its ties and cooperation with the EU and its institutions, specifying that the dispute “arises with some Euro-deputies who have always taken positions hostile to Morocco.”

Meanwhile, relations between Morocco’s parliament and its European counterpart are to be re-evaluated until the latter decides on its attitude towards Morocco.

The resolution was met with criticism from Morocco, with the country’s Parliament declaring that it would re-evaluate its projects with the EP.

Several political leaders condemned the resolution, calling it an unjust interference and criticizing European officials for not taking care of their own countries’ affairs first.

Source : Moroccoworldnew