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Pan-African Parliament: Morocco Foils Polisario’s Attempt to Add Sahara Issue to Agenda

The Moroccan delegation participating in the Pan-African Parliament meeting, convening in Johannesburg (South Africa), has foiled an attempt by the Polisario to put the Sahara issue on the agenda of the MPs debates.

Irked and enraged by their failure, the Polisario members lashed out at the African Parliament standing committee on international relations & conflict’s resolution, and disrupted its work for not addressing the Sahara issue.

Moroccan MP Abdessamad Haiker, member of this Committee, told attendees the Committee’s reports did not mention the Sahara question because this issue falls within the UN exclusive competence and role.

Mr. Haiker denounced the disturbances and disruptive behavior of the Polisario members who interrupted Moroccan MP Laila Dahi while she was speaking and exposing the lies of the separatist group about the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.

The hysteria of the Polisario members can be explained by their frustration that their propaganda is no longer working in the new world order, while Morocco is gaining a growing international support for its “serious, credible and realistic” autonomy plan offered for the Sahara under its sovereignty.

The latest Summit of the African Union, held in Addis Ababa, has not addressed or made any reference either to the Sahara issue, respecting the UN exclusive role in handling this regional dispute.

The African leaders continue to honor their political commitment and respect the resolution passed unanimously in this regard during the Nouakchott summit convened in 2018.

Source: North Africa Post