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Dublin Airport Shoplifting Suspect Caught at Gatwick

A woman who allegedly stole more than €660 (£581) worth of items from Dublin Airport before fleeing on a plane was apprehended at Gatwick.

A gardaí (Irish police) spokesperson said one of the force’s officers was notified of a shoplifter at the The Loop duty-free store in terminal one on Wednesday morning.

Officers spoke to shop staff and took a description of the suspect.

When they checked CCTV footage they found someone matching her description had boarded a flight to Gatwick, which was already taxiing to the runway.

When they were unable to stop the suspect’s departure, airport police contacted their counterparts in Sussex.

Gatwick Airport police were then able to intercept the suspect.

They also recovered more than €660 worth of items which were allegedly stolen from Dublin Airport.

The items were flown back to Dublin and gardaí said they were back on the shelves by lunchtime.

Source : BBC