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American NGO Raises Funds for Working Animals Affected by Morocco Earthquake

Rabat – The Brooke USA Foundation, an American NGO initiated an emergency appeal for funds for working animals such as horses, donkeys, and mules.

According to a statement from the NGO issued on Friday, in the wake of the September 8 earthquake, vulnerable communities outside Marrakech found themselves grappling with severe shortages of supplies, nutrition, water, medical professionals, veterinarians, and shelter. 

Many displaced individuals and animals have been forced to sleep in the streets, while others remain trapped beneath the earthquake’s rubble.

To address the situation, Brooke USA has forged a partnership with SPANA, an organization committed to supporting working animals across Morocco. 

A SPANA team is currently on-site in the earthquake-affected area, providing critical assistance to working animals impacted by the earthquake.

In addition, the two NGOs are working on a comprehensive, long-term response plan aimed at helping both animals and the communities that rely on them.

Commenting on the news, Emily Dulin, CEO of Brooke USA Foundation, said that “working animals are indispensable to the livelihoods of millions in Morocco.”

Dulin explained that working animals play “vital roles in transportation, agriculture, and construction.” 

“Without these working animals, many families will face immense challenges,” she added.

“The unsung heroes will be instrumental in delivering emergency aid to remote communities, aiding in the reconstruction of infrastructure, and enabling families to take the initial steps toward recovery from this harrowing tragedy,” Dulin went on to say.

For his part, Jim Hamilton, chairman of the board of Brooke USA Foundation,  urged supporters to contribute to the cause, saying: “We are asking our supporters to please donate today to help us make a difference.”

Source : Morocco World News