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Morocco Reiterates Call for ‘Immediate Ceasefire’ in Gaza

Rabat – Morocco reiterated on Thursday its appeal for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, as Israel’s occupation forces continue their relentless military campaign against civilians in the besieged strip.

“Committed to the importance of achieving peace, stability, well-being, and prosperity for all the peoples of the region, the Kingdom of Morocco reiterates its adherence, in coordination with all its partners, to an international mobilization to bring an end to hostilities in Gaza as soon as possible,” Ambassador, Director General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fouad Yazourh, said during a conference in Paris.

The International Humanitarian Conference for the Civilian Population of Gaza was held today in the Elysee Palace in Paris as part of the sixth edition of the Paris Peace Forum.

Speaking at the conference, Yazourh said the situation in Gaza is “no longer legally or humanitarianly acceptable,” reiterating Morocco’s rejection of violence against civilians, and the need to launch collective action to put an end to the “tragic and extremely dangerous situation.”

The diplomat also confirmed Morocco’s commitment to the Palestinian cause and a two-state solution, emphasizing Palestinians’ right to establish a state with East Jerusalem as its capital along the 1967 borders.

He suggested that the current cycle of violence is due to the decades-long oppression and occupation of Palestinians, arguing that the creation of an independent Palestinian state on a two-state solution basis could help the region move towards peace and stability.

Recalling the urgent aid that Morocco sent to the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip last month, he reiterated the country’s call on the international community to mobilize for a political solution to the conflict.

Israel’s military campaign against civilians in Gaza and the West Bank has been ongoing for more than a month, with over 10,000 dead in the Gaza Strip so far, including thousands of women and children.

Despite repeated appeals for a ceasefire, the international community at large has brazenly stood by Israel, with the US continually dismissing calls for an immediate humanitarian.

Source : Morocco World News

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