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Moroccan King, Mohammed Invites Tinubu To Discuss African-Atlantic Gas Project

King Mohammed VI has extended an invitation to Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to visit Morocco.

The monarch extended the invitation during a phone call with the Nigerian President yesterday, according to Morocco World News monitored by LEADERSHIP.

A statement from the royal palace said the phone call focused on the development of bilateral relations between the two countries over the past few years.

The discussion also covered the African-Atlantic Gas Pipeline Nigeria-Morocco project; a structuring project that will be a strategic lever for regional integration and economic and social development for all West African countries.

Initiated first by King Mohammed VI and former Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in 2016, the pipeline aims to promote regional integration and reinforce Africa’s energy security.

Rabat – Morocco is set to host over 1,600 kilometres of the project, which is 5,600 kilometres long in total.

King Mohammed VI has frequently emphasised the importance of the project, reiterating Morocco’s commitment to the pipeline project with Nigeria.

In November 2023, King Mohammed VI stressed the potential benefits that the pipeline could bring not only to Africa but also to Europe.

The monarch made his remarks during a speech commemorating the anniversary of the Green March on November 6 last year.

“The Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline strategic project is part of that endeavour,” he said, noting that the project is designed to promote regional integration as well as to boost joint economic growth.

The pipeline is set to connect over 11 countries in the region to benefit from Nigerian gas sources.

Many countries have endorsed the project, including Senegal.

In December, Senegal’s Minister of Petroleum Antoine Felix Abdoulaye Diome renewed his country’s support during a meeting with Director General of Morocco’s Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines(ONHYM), Amina Benkhadra in Dakar.

During the meeting, the Senegalese official said that the “ambitious” gas pipeline will benefit the populations and economies of the entire region.

He also cited a ‘specific programme’ planned by Morocco and Senegal to advance the project and strengthen South-South cooperation among all countries in the region.

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