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Moroccans in Italy hate expensive plane tickets and steamships

And the prices of tickets for air and sea travel between Italy and Morocco recorded a record high in conjunction with “Operation Marhaba 2023.” In Morocco to raise ticket prices.

A number of members of the community residing in Italy said in phone calls to the Al-Alam website that ticket prices have skyrocketed compared to last year, taking advantage of circumstantial coercion and the necessity that necessitates the community to come to the homeland to have kinship ties with their relatives and to spend national and religious holidays among their families and their families.

In this context, a number of Moroccans from Italy who spoke to Al-Alam newspaper said that the prices of airline tickets are very high, and that there are families of 5 members, as it is difficult for them to go to Morocco during the summer due to the skyrocketing prices of airline tickets.

The complainants added that this situation negatively affects their children, who are keen to take advantage of the summer vacation to inform them of the traditions of their motherland and their Islamic and Arab culture. However, the high ticket prices make them review their visit to the homeland every year.

In addition, members of the Moroccan community in Italy are calling on the responsible authorities, headed by the Guardian Ministry, to intervene in order to find effective solutions to this problem, especially since the behavior of airlines and ships is repeated every year at the height of the arrival of the community to the homeland.

In the event that companies do not respond, a large number of members of the community will appeal to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God grant him victory, the caring father of the community and keen on its interests, to give his instructions to reduce ticket prices.

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