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Morocco thwarts over 75,000 irregular migration attempts in 2023

RABAT, Morocco

Morocco thwarted more than 75,000 attempts of irregular migration last year, authorities said Tuesday.

“Morocco successfully foiled 75,184 attempts of irregular migration in 2023, marking a 6% increase from the previous year,” said a statement from the Interior Ministry, cited by the official news agency MAP.

It also said that the security authorities managed to dismantle over 419 trafficking networks, marking a 44% increase in comparison to figures in 2022.

As for the rescue and assistance operations in the sea, the statement said: “16,818 migrants were rescued, representing a notable 35% uptick from the previous year.”

The ministry also confirmed six attempts to break into Ceuta and Melilla enclaves which are under Spanish administration, involving more than 1,400 migrants, marking a 62% decrease from 2022.​​​​​​​

Ceuta and Melilla are Europe’s only territory on the African mainland and have been under Spanish rule since the 17th century.

For years, North African countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and Mauritania have witnessed attempts by migrants – mainly from sub-Saharan Africa – to reach Europe, hoping for a better life. While some of the migrants manage to reach their destination, others often die during the journey.

Source: AA