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Sudanese families seek safety in CAR

Sudanese families seek safety in CAR

Families fleeing conflict in Sudan are seeking safety in the Central African Republic (CAR).

The UNHCR says it is racing against time to relocate the thousands of arrivals before the rains come.

In the meantime the UNHCR and the World Food Programme (WFP) are attempting to build shelters, latrines and provide water and food for up to 14,000 refugees who have arrived in CAR.

Bobo Kitoko, Data Management Associate for UNHCR, said: “The needs are many, for food, shelter and also water.”

The majority of new arrivals are women and children from Nyala in Sudan, who say they faced threats by armed men, extortion of goods, physical aggression and sexual violence.

Biometric registration also began last month and continues as more people cross the border into Chad.

UNHCR said emergency teams were identifying and referring people with specific needs for protection, counselling or medical assistance.

Several emergency missions have taken place despite challenges in reaching the area, due to its remoteness and the fragile security situation.

One of the refugees, Pastor Ismaïl Ibrahim Mykaz Toto, said his he and other family fled the fighting and were just looking for a “good place.”

Source: Africa News