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Sudanese fleeing war struggle: ‘We need help’

Sudanese fleeing war struggle: 'We need help'

Fighting in Sudan has left hundreds of thousands of Khartoum residents without basic amenities like running water, medicine and food with some forced to risk their lives and seek it out as the fighting rages on.

After nearly six weeks of street battles between forces loyal to rival generals and with temperatures regularly topping 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), many inhabitants are in need of medicine and means to move out of the conflict zone

“The Rapid Support Forces bombarded us and burnt our places. Look at our state, look over there, show our sick children (asking to film the sick children),” said Hiba al-Rasheed Mohammed Ahmad, a displaced Sudanese.

“I need a ticket for Cairo. I have four girls and I do not want to stay here because there aren’t any mattresses, beds or anything. We are sleeping on the floor, we have nowhere else to sleep,” said Zeinab Idris Ahmad, a displaced Sudanese from Khartoum.

“There are some issues within the shelters, the biggest being the sewage problem, and that’s in the four (main) centres. In addition, we are facing a major lack of medication, based on what the centre’s directors said. There’s also a lack of available food. There are some aid packages provided by the Qatari and Kuwaiti Red Crescent that have not been distributed yet,” said Ahmad Hamed Mohammed, a representative of the Commission for human rights in the Red Sea state.

The United Nations says more than a million people have been displaced within Sudan, in addition to 300,000 who have fled to neighbouring countries.

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