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Morocco’s Youth Trust Army, Police More than Government

The army came first among unelected authorities with 75% of respondents expressing positive views on the institution, compared to only 17% with a negative opinion.

The police followed in second with a 72% rate of positive opinions, and then came the Royal Guard and the judiciary with 61%.

The ministry of interior ranked last among the unelected authorities with 51% positive views, and 39% with negative responses.

The second category of the survey included elected and civil institutions, with the current government most notably recording a dismal 16% trust rating, with 80% of the respondents expressing negative opinions.

Positive feelings about civil associations represented 64% of answers, with 30% expressing a lack of trust in them.

The media followed in second place, although its trust rating was only 42%, compared to 53% who expressed negative opinions.

Public education also scored a low 33% of respondents giving a positive view, while public healthcare came in even lower with only 23% having a favorable opinion.

In last place came political parties, with only 15% of the participants expressing trust for them in the survey.

The study was conducted between 15 October 2022 and 31 January 2023, with the participation of 400 young Moroccans, aged 18 to 25.

Previous studies have shown similar views, with studies from the Arab Barometer and similar institutions showing a lack of faith in the current education and healthcare systems.

Source: Morocco World News

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